Kala Point Vacant Lot for Sale

Come build your dream home on the “Amazing Olympic Peninsula”  and enjoy more sunshine and less rain, because of the “Olympic Rain Shadow”..  This  Premium Kala Point lot, offers so much clubhouse with pool, tennis courts, private beach, trails and more. Just minutes to amazing Port Townsend.  Call Adie for more information on this amazing property at 360-461-3000.

Tennis courts are available.0115141149a011514113505161411020225141745e0519141139 (1)



TimelessSeaGlass and DAV Chapter 9

0912131043-2TimelessSeaGlass is so honored and excited to be able to contribute to DAV Chapter 9 in Port Angeles.  DAV Chapter 9 is so doing amazing things for Disabled Veterans in our area.  Here are just some of the amazing things they are doing for the Veterans.

For more detailed information visit their amazing website:


From their amazing website:

Clarence M. Caskey, Chapter 9

Clarence M. Caskey Chapter 9 was founded originally as Port Angeles Chapter.  However, during WWII, one of our local sailors stationed at Pearl Harbor was among those who died during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  His mother petitioned the chapter to have the chapter’s name changed to Clarence M. Caskey after her son.

We are dedicated to a single purpose: empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting for the interests of America’s injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

  • Providing free, professional assistance to veterans and their families in obtaining benefits and services earned through military service and provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other agencies of government;
  • Providing outreach concerning its program services to the American people generally, and to disabled veterans and their families specifically;
  • Representing the interests of disabled veterans, their families, their widowed spouses and their orphans before Congress, the White House and the Judicial Branch, as well as state and local government;
  • Extending DAV’s mission of hope into the communities where these veterans and their families live through a network of state-level Departments and local Chapters; and
  • Providing a structure through which disabled veterans can express their compassion for their fellow veterans through a variety of volunteer programs.


TimelessSeaglass Creations are available for sale in Port Townsend

It is such a joy to create with with our local sea glass.  Some of the creations I came up with for the Wooden Boat Festival 2014.  Call Adie for more information at 360-461-3000 on purchasing. s090314160909031422400901141621a09011416210903141116 (1)

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Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival and Timeless Seaglass

0905141100bAmazing time at the 2014 Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, had amazing people, music, food and amazing boats.

The festival had amazing vendors that had one of a kind items that sold very well at the festival.  Timeless Sea Glass sold many one of a kind sea glass jewelry pieces that are from our local beaches.  Sea glass has become so popular in the past few years that many of the folks at the festival were really happy to find a place they could purchase a one of a kind souvenir.  0905141100a

For more information about this amazing event in Port Townsend visit this link:


From their amazing website:

Festival Family Fun

Adventure Abounds for Kids Throughout the Festival!
Ahoy kids of all ages! Go for a longboat ride, sail a Thunderbird, build a boat, do oceanography on the dock!  We’ve got crafts,
treasure hunts, a carousel and more.  Dance at the main stage, sing sea shanteys, and learn about creatures under the sea! Wooden Boat Festival is for kids— fun, education and inspiration surrounds the harbor full of wooden boats. Dreams are launched and a lifetime of opportunity is all around you!

Just inside the entrance to the festival is a world of fun for pirates and mermaids of all ages—Kids Cove—but there are fun activities
for kids and families throughout the festival grounds as well.

Kids’ Cove Boatbuilding
Kids of all ages can design, build, rig and sail away with their own small wooden boat.  Pick a hull, a
mast, some sailcloth…before you know it, life slows down while you help hold a nail and share the joy of building a boat. The kids
boatbuilding area has been a favorite for years, and continues to be a family favorite.

YMCA Activities
YMCA hosts kids crafts! Providing Face Painting, Sand Art, and more! Young and old will enjoy the expanded craft

Carousel of the Sea
This beautiful handmade carousel, built by 5th generation carousel builder William Dentzel, offers free rides
all 3 days!

Sailboat Rides
45 minute rides on the NWMC Thunderbid fleet for up to 4 people per boat – located on the NWMC dock. Sign up early! Sign ups start at 9 am for morning rides and noon for afternoon rides.

Longboat Rides
For ages 12 and up.  Work together as a team to sail/row a historic longboat – A classic Festival experience!  Located at the base of the harbor.

Sail a T-37 Model Sailboat
Tippecanoe Model Sailboats offers the chance to sail their model boats in the harbor.  Located on The Point.

Oceanography on the Dock
The new Oceanography on the Dock program, led by PTMSC staff and volunteers, gives anyone with curiosity and
enthusiasm the opportunity to be a scientist! It provides participants the opportunity to get familiar with basic principles of
oceanography by teaching them to use actual testing equipment—measure parameters such as salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and more. The data collected during the program helps participants and scientists understand the health and characteristics of our local waters.  Saturday from 10am-2pm on the Maritime Center dock.

15th Annual North Star Stage
One of the highlights of the festival for years, this witty and charming play is directed by Port
Townsend’s own Joey Pipia. Each year he and his playwright team, including daughter Sophie, conjure up the new adventures of Captain
Cloud. The play never fails to entertain and amuse young and old—it’s a “don’t miss” for any age!

Captain Pirate’s Treasure Hunt
At high noon on Sunday, young pirates from near and far make their way to the Jolly Roger Flag at the
Cupola House. Captain Pirate “aarghs” in with a longboat full of consorts, rowing and sailing through the harbor to land at center
dock. Anyone dressed like a pirate can join the hunt, scouring the grounds and beaches for the “X” that marks the spot of buried
treasure.  Sunday from noon-1 pm.

Sea Life Snorkel
Learn all about local sea life and sea creatures!  A PTMSC member in a wetsuit and snorkel will temporarily transport sea creatures to the beach for viewing and exploration.  1:30pm-2:30pm Saturday – meet at the Compass Rose.

Sea Shanty Circle
Come sing sea shanties for all ages in the Marina Room – lots of fun for all ages!

All Ages Music Stage
Music is a big part of the festival experience!  The Main Stage in Bar Harbor offers live music all day everyday, with everything from sea shanties to rock n roll.  Both all-ages and 21+ seating/dancing areas available.

Child Care During the Festival
Too much festival for your little ones? Firefly Preschool is open to drop off your children in a safe,
convenient educational environment!  Friday from 8:30am – 9:30pm and Saturday 2pm-9:30pm. RSVP to fireflyacademypreschool@gmail.com or
call 360-471-6778 or 360-379-1129. See www.fireflyacademy.com for more information. Cost is $8/hour or an unlimited weekend pass for $100, with a 50% sibling discount. Conveniently located at 842 Washington Street—next to Haller Fountain.

If you are visiting our area and would like more information about this amazing B&B  in our area or have any questions about our area contact:

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Vacant lot in Kala Point Community For Sale

Beauty abounds all around this amazing community.

Beautiful beach walks await you.

Vacant lot in Kala Point offers so much to potential buyers.  This amazing lot is close to beautiful walking trails that go through Old Fort Townsend State Park,y this amazing lot is just walking distance from sandy beaches, and so much more.  Kala Point Community offer tennis courts, clubhouse with pool and so much more.  This amazing community has cc&rs to protect you investment.

Here are some of the amenities that this gated community offers future residents.




Amazing walking Trails.

Tennis courts are available.

Well maintained Tennis Courts.

0519141139aIn the past year more and more folks are retiring to the Olympic Peninsula and many are building their dream homes.  This amazing lot has mountain and bay views.  If you would like more information visit the listing below.



If you are visiting our area and would like more information about this amazing B&B  in our area or have any questions about our area contact:

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Marine Surveys & Assessments in Port Townsend

If you are considering building a home that requires a Marine Survey or Assessment please call Marine Surveys & Assessments in Port Townsend for more information.  This amazing company provides not only surveying services but permitting serves as well, and for all development in shoreline, wetland and critical habitat areas.
They are currently available throughout the Puget Sound area.  They can be reached at 360-385-4073.
MSA EMBLEM Wetlands (1)Summary
Marine Surveys & Assessments (MSA) is a woman owned firm started in 1999. We are experienced
scientists who provide environmentally sound solutions to public and private clients throughout the Puget
Sound. We specialize in marine science research, land use planning assistance, and permitting assistance
for waterfront projects and port developments. We also design and implement mitigation and restoration
activities. MSA is well-respected for our ability to work with government agencies and clients to resolve
aquatic habitat issues. MSA is based in Port Townsend, WA. Being based in a small city, we get the job done with much lower costs than large city consultants.
SERVICES 0617141549a

  • Identify, quantify, and gather qualitative information of flora, fauna, substrate and other biological and physical characteristics of upland, riparian, subtidal, and wetland areas.
  • Analyze collected data, research and analyze current literature, and write reports that provide impact analysis on habitats, species and their forage base populations.
  • Survey intertidal and subtidal project areas to fulfill permit requirements for U.S. Fish & Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, WA Department of Fish & Wildlife, and WA Department of Natural Resources as well as for preliminary, intermediate, and intensive habitat and eelgrass/macroalgae surveys.
  • Environmental Impact Statement research and writing.
  • Eelgrass/Macroalgae Monitoring and Mitigation Plans, eelgrass transplantation, macroalgae identification, and marine plant habitat delineations.
  • Forage fish spawning habitat surveys to determine appropriate substrate matrix, and presence or absence of eggs.
  • Wetland surveys and reports, Habitat Management reports, Critical Areas Ordinance Reports, and other special reports as required by the counties surrounding the waters of Puget Sound.
  • MSA has been requested to stand in a court of law as an expert witness in many biologically and technically disputed cases.
  • Biological Evaluation, Habitat Assessment and Habitat Management Plan documents.
1607006_240032469502877_634636700_nPROJECT SUMMARIES

MSA has worked with several Port districts (Brownsville, Kingston, Winslow, Tacoma, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, etc.) to provide necessary biological consultant work in a myriad of projects. For example, for the Port of Port Angeles we wrote several Biological Evaluations for the Boat Haven Marina Redevelopment Project, involving the marina railway ramp area, the Tumwater Creek Bridge Replacement Project, and the LeTourneau Boat Ramp Project. In addition, MSA wrote a Biological Evaluation Supplement with the help of Port of Port Angeles personnel pertaining to the Coffer Dam project in the old graving dock area.

MSA divers also conducted extensive dive surveys in the Dunlap Towing log storage area in Port Angeles Bay and produced a habitat report of their findings.

Marine Surveys and Assessments (MSA) has produced over 350 Biological Evaluation documents for a wide range of projects throughout Puget Sound and Lake Washington since 2000. These evaluations include the results of habitat surveys conducted by MSA divers, a discussion of the threatened and endangered species in the action area, effects analysis of the proposed projects and appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the impacts of each particular project. In addition, MSA has been involved in conducting eelgrass/macroalgae surveys and the production of mitigation and long term monitoring plans for projects that may have impacts on macroalgae and eelgrass beds. To see other projects for which MSA has written Biologic has written Biological Evaluations visit their amazing website for pricing and all other specific details at:

Visit them on Facebook:

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Olympic Peninsula attracts amazing artists

Olympic Peninsula attracts some of the most amazing people and in the last few years it seems that more and more creative people are calling this area home.  Here is one example of just one amazing person that calls the Olympic Peninsula home.

Here is just one example of such an amazing individual that is active in the community and still has time to create these amazing art pieces.  05241415030524141503b

I’m half  Mohawk Native American and half Irish.  I try to fallow a traditional Native philosophy  way of life as close as I can. Mother Nature is my inspiration for my art work in both painting , bead work and my pottery. 0524141502a (1) I was a Navy Corpsman assigned to the marines in the battle fields  of Vietnam and then to the Hospital Ship USS Repose AH- 16. the ship cruised between Danang and the DMZ South Vietnam during the war Taking on wounded and doing needed surgery and stabilize them for transfer to the states . 
 After Vietnam I attended Seattle Pacific University  and completed a major in nursing and a minor in art   I graduated in 1976.  I did post graduate work in nursing and became certified as Family Nurse Practitioner  One of the first in the State of Washington .    I retired from active Nurse Practitioner Practice in 2007 but keep my licenses active and volunteer at the Free Clinic in Port Angeles to help care for those folks who are homeless and or unable to get insurance.  I also work as a volunteer with the Disabled American Veterans  helping fellow Veterans  get their VA benefits  they so deserve.  I volunteer at the William Shore Pool in Port Angels teaching water aerobics and no impact exercise classes. the water classes help me with my balance and help get the Parkinson’s disease from advances too fast.  
My Art Degree was in oil painting and pottery.   I have painted many canvases since school  and did some pottery with a good friend who has a kiln and studio.   

You can purchase John’s artwork at Front Street Jerky located at 425 E. Washington St. in Sequim, WA 98382 or call us at 360-461-3000 for more information.

There is so much to learn about our amazing area so give us a call for information about this artwork or our area.

If you are visiting our area and would like more information about this amazing B&B  in our area or have any questions about our area contact:

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Lost Mountain Lodge on the Olympic Peninsula

lmpicLost Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast is located in Sequim has just been voted Best B&B in our area. This Bed ad Breakfast is not like any other B&B in our area, this amazing paradise offers spacious stunning rooms with private fire places, an amazing pond and stunning grounds that relax you mind and soul the moment you step onto the property.  The Innkeeper Dwight Hostvedt loves making his guests feel at home the moment they arrive. He loves showing his guests all the wonderful places on the property and giving them information about all the stunning places they can visit while on their Olympic Peninsula adventure.  See more detailed information below.

Bed and Breakfast 2014 Winners

Published May 9, 2014

Are you planning a relaxing and romantic getaway? What B&B is the perfect place to escape?

Lost Mountain is the Winner!!!!!!
Watch this amazing video about Lost Mountain Lodge:

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For more specifics on homes selling on the Olympic Peninsula please call Adie at 360-461-3000.

Bald Eagles on North Beach Port Townsend

North Beach in Port Townsend offers so much to anyone that loves to be in nature.  Eagles soaring over your head, sea glass laying in the sand on a beautiful sunshine filled day at a perfect 68 degree day and no humidity.  0519141139 (1)

These amazing eagles were just a few feet away when I took this picture.  0519141139a (1)I met a couple of people on the beach that were visiting from New York, and Georgia while walking the beach and they could not believe what amazing weather and beauty the Olympic Peninsula offers.  Many of these folks are planning to retire in the next couple of years and are visiting several states in order to make a decision on where they will be retiring.

Many of these folks think this area is too expensive for them to purchase their retirement dream home.  They are so excited when I talk to them about our current market prices and give them my website where they can search for current properties for sale.

If you are visiting our area and would like more information about this amazing B&B  in our area or have any questions about our area contact:

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North Beach Low Tide Walks in Port Townsend

North Beach in Port Townsend is just one of the many reasons to live in this amazing town.  This week we have had such wonderful 70 degree weather and low tides on our local beaches. If you are a beach enthusiast you must take advantage of this amazing beach.  Here are just a few pictures of some amazing finds on North Beach.  Living in Rain Shadow allows us to have days that are filled with sun and less rain then the Seattle area.

05161411020516141104There are so many types of sea stars in our area that vary in size and color.  There are Sand Stars and Purple Stars like the ones shown below.0417141202 0515141150b

One amazing way to learn so much more about all our Salish Sea critters is to visit or volunteer for the Port Townsend Marine Science Center located on Fort Worden State Park.  You can visit their amazing website below for detailed information on ongoing lectures, family events, volunteering ans so much more:


My family and I have been volunteering for over a year for this amazing organization and we have learned so much as a family and for my ten year old daughter is has been an amazing adventure.  0513141437She loves interacting with such a large variety of creatures while learning about our precious Salish Sea.  My family and I love living in such and amazing place.  There are so many places to volunteer or visit in our area that make this community such a beautiful and wonderful place to call home.

If you are visiting our area and would like more information about this amazing B&B  in our area or have any questions about our area contact:

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